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BIG BAG / FIBC type B:

FIBC type B
Conductive FIBC type C, D
Dangerous goods FIBC
Wood bag
Crane / Heli bag
Small Sack Container
Additional Accessoires Inliner
Additional Accessoires Belts


FIBC are among the most effective types of packaging in industry. Whether in Production, Storage or Transportation:

an FIBC may be the solution or can provide cost improvements along the value chain.


Basic constructions

Filling- and Emptying device*


with filling skirt

with filling spout

fully open

Big Bag type B with filling skirt Big Bag type B with filling spout Big Bag type B fully open

with emptying skirt

with emptying spout

flat bottom

Big Bag type B with emptying skirt Big Bag type B with emptying spout Big Bag type B flat bottom
* All filling and emptying devices can be produced with your needed dimension as well as form stable bags.

Additional accessoires:

- Belts
- Inliner



Byside of all possible sizes and types of FIBC we although have a selection of FIBC-holders/racks in our portfolio. These racks are stackable. They are made out of 6 pieces in order to save storage place. The ideal solution for an intermediate storage.

--> Documentation for FIBC-holders/racks








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