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Big Bag / FIBC Produkte Gefahrgut Big Bag Big Bag / FIBC Produits Big Bag pour produits dangereux Big bag / FIBC Products Dangerous goods FIBC
Sack Container Big Bag / FIBC
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Dangerous goods BIG BAG / FIBC:

FIBC type B
Conductive FIBC type C, D
Dangerous goods FIBC
Wood bag
Crane / Heli bag
Small Sack Container
Additional Accessoires Inliner
Additional Accessoires Belts
Basic construction: Same executions as basic FIBC, but with UN-certificates
Additional accessoires:

Inliner on demand/purpose

Dangerous goods execution: conductive

Further executions as e.g. with flame retarding fabric/materials for coal mining or underground depots harmless. As well as for aspestos.
Packing groups: I, II, III (X, Y, Z)
Classification: Up on your UN-Number we define the execution
On demand we can print the -corresponding number of the certificate or the pictogramm on every bag.
e.g.: pictogramm







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